The Chinese Government have set plans in motion to overhaul the private tutoring sector.

China’s new policy on private English tuition will ban tutoring children for profit in core subjects i.e. Maths, Science and English.

In 2016, 75% of Chinese children were receiving extra tutoring time as the private tutoring sector boomed. However, this has caused real financial pressure on couples and could be affected the birth rate.

The Chinese Government have increased the one child rule to three child rule in the hope of increasing the birth rate, and by eliminating the financial burden on top of that may also encourage couples to have more children.

The Private Tutoring industry is currently worth $120 billion but private firms will now have to convert to a not for profit status.

Fostering healthy private tutoring education

January 2020

The announcement on 26th July outlined the new regulations that will see tutoring during public holidays, weekends and after a certain time during the week banned.

Exam Factories

Learn curriculum ahead of School expectation

Private tutoring companies are tutoring children in Year 1 for a Year 3 Curriculum and Kindergarten kids with the primary curriculum.

In China everything is about the gaokao – the college entrance exam. Children in China do not have the fun activities in after School Clubs like Schools in the West, they just focus on academic learning.

Expand compulsory education offering

Ministry of Education

Selected Schools in China were asked to offer after school clubs to at least half an hour later than the average full time workers.

This was an initiative to move the children away from the private sector to the public sector setting.

The Protection of Minors

Mental Health

Abolishing the practice of teaching the primary school curriculum to Kindergarten aged children.

This has become a popular change, and rightly so.

Banning marketing tutoring companies

China imposing penalties

New restrictions on marketing content will ban the use of pictures of Teachers and words such as ‘enrolment rate’.

Dada, ABC and Wall Street English have already received penalities for advertising false content.

The State Administration for Market Regulation issued penalties to 13 tutoring companies.


What Teachers need to know

Teachers living outside China need not apply

There is a ban on hiring foreign Teachers that live overseas. I understand the current Teachers are continuing to finish their current contracts but not taking on any further new students.

The companies affected are: Dada, VIPKids, Gogo Kid, Magic Ears, Palfish, Whales English, Landi English, EF (there maybe more).

This is early days, there is speculation that certain elements may change in the future but it will most certainly scale down indefinitely.

Companies not affected

Alternative Teaching Platforms

You can still teach adult Chinese English, but here are a few companies that are not affected by the new regulations:


All Right






There are companies in Latin America and you could always travel to Thailand and Teach.


The show must go on

Teaching English as a foreign language is not going away anytime soon, just being scaled back and regulated.

There are other countries such as Korea that could take a lot of the current Teachers who are displaced, but the pandemic has created a big gaping hole in language learning due to School closures, so some Americans maybe needed back home.

The online learning platforms are here to stay so there are plenty of opportunities and China’s elite will still want the child to receive extra lessons.

Teachers who care about their students will understand that regulations are there to help children’s mental health and relieve pressure on families.

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