Teaching English online to foreign students offers a lot of flexibility. Whether you want to work full time, part time or as a side hustle, there are plenty of opportunities.

Teaching English as a foreign language can of course take you around the world, but you can also teach from the comfort of your own home at times that suit you.

Here are 10 of the best online Teaching platforms and companies for those just starting out or those with experience wanting a new challenge.

1. Cambly

£8 per hour

Conversational English classes for all ages, Cambly is a popular online Teaching platform with lots of great reviews.

You do not need a degree to work for Cambly and you do not need to have a TEFL qualification either, so the pay reflects this.

It is probably a good starting point for beginners to gain confidence.

Cambly classic are

2. Verbling

£11.25 – £18.75

Verbling platform is better than Italki.

Verbling has been acquired by Busuu. You can record the lesson. Verbling acts a bit like an language app.

Verbling requires previous Teaching experience and a TEFL certificate is preferred.

60 minutes slots.

3. EF Education First


EF were established in 1965 and have helped millions to learn new languages, new cultures and have established a formidable reputation.

They are ‘opening the world through education’ I like that.

EF are in 600 facilities in 50 countries but do offer an online Teaching service.

You will need a degree and experience but well worth looking into.

4. Fluentbe

£7.20 to £8.70

Small online Polish English Language platform where you teach either one to one or max of 4 in a class.

Mostly you will be teaching to adults so FluentBe require 1 year of Teaching experience and a degree with TEFL. Preferably with a business background.

The reviews for FluentBe are pretty good. The lessons are provided so you just need to deliver the lessons.

5. Ginseng english

£7.50 to £11.25

Ginseng English broke the rule book on non-native Teachers, anyone can apply. Many of their non-native Teachers are very qualified.

Social enterprise giving away free lessons to those in need.

6. italki

Set own rate (around £12 per hour)

italki platform works on an algorithm and you get sent students.

Teach people from all over the world from anywhere, totally remote.

You do not need a degree but you will need to lesson plan yourself.

60 mins slots,

You choose your rate, your hours and your students.

7. iTutor

£3.75 to £16.50

ITutor requires 1 year of previous Teaching experience and you will need a Degree and TEFL qualification.

You could be teaching kids or adults and the classes are 25 to 45 minutes.

Students mostly Chinese but could also be Taiwan and Japan.

8. Learnlight

£9 to £10.50

Learnlight is a plaform for Business English students.

They offer Teachers an extensive library of resources for specific classes and you can teach one to one or group lessons.

They do require 2 years of experience and a TEFL certification.

9. Preply

Set your own rate

Online matching system where students register and match up with a suitable Teacher.

All types of languages, not just English.

When you register as a Teacher with Preply your profile will drive your traffic. You will need an introduction video introducing yourself.

As a freelance Teacher you can market yourself how you want and will be your own boss. You can schedule your Teaching timetable around your own needs, so its very flexible.

Can take time to grow book of students.

10. Skimatalk

£7.50 – £11.25

This platform is specifically focused on English. You will not require any previous experience, a degree or a TEFL certificate to apply.

You can choose your own rates.

Skimatalk is a great platform to get started and endorsed by some high profile companies.

11. VIPkid

$14.00 – $25.00

Teaching Chinese kids online using the VIPkid plaform.

Very strict cancellation policy, only allowed 6 cancellations during your contract.

Your are classified as freelancer, so you have to pay your taxes and their are no company benefits.

Lots of flexibility in hours you work and no requirement of minimum hours. 6 months contract.

Lots of bonuses and incentives. No need to prepare for classes but will need to give feedback (feedback panda).


Is Teaching online right for you?

There are dozens of online English Teaching companies and platforms for you to start your English Teaching career.

There are those that just facilitate your freelance classes and take a cut, and there are those where you are an employee of the company.

Some companies offer materials and resources you can use which is very important as lesson planning takes time.

The hourly rates are quite low for some companies and you will need to be available at certain times of the day, the time difference may create a problem.

Alternatively you can start your teaching as an independent Teacher and grow your clients with your own website.

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